The 25-year story of Ceremony

The 25-year story of Ceremony

We write these words, trembling with excitement, to take you on a journey where you will experience firsthand the reward of the effort that has been put in for about 3 years in order to welcome those who love us with a brand new concept at our 25th anniversary. In our completely renovated stores, which opened their doors to you on October 29, 2019; A brand new Ceremony always aiming for better... and Ceremony In Bloom, a cosmetics brand that will give your living spaces a whole new look and feel, inspired by the beauty and power of flowers. The day we took the first step towards realizing one of our dreams of being “the most wanted and desired” and bringing the privileged world of Ceremony to you. Starting with 5 different scents accompanied by unique designs, color combinations and packagings. The mission is now very clear; After earning our place in the event and flower industries, to make you live the dream of Ceremony with unique products, arrangements and concepts that will be good not only for you but also for your home. What we want to create with Ceremony In Bloom is a completely new floral world that will complement the Flowers and Events brands with its new look at cosmetics.

First of all, we would like to welcome you to the Floral World of Ceremony!

Are you ready to discover it together?

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