Mediterranean Bergamot

A nostalgic collection inspired by the fresh and spacious feeling of a sparkling and warm Mediterranean evening. The healing effect of bergamot accompanied by energetic lemon and tangerine.

Wild Fig

From the garden of Eden to your home; the tranquil richness of coconut, palo santo and cedar that gracefully soothes the wilderness of the fig.

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Fresh Bouquet

A vibrant and passionate bouquet of flowers; the muguet, jasmine and magnolia’s energetic feeling accompanied by the captivation of cedar and dry amber.

Simply Peony

The elegant and floral spring feeling; a splendid blend of a fragrance with peonies at heart flattered by violets and roses and with a soft touch of the sweetest honeys.

Regal Oud

A mysterious and seductive harmony of warm and woody notes meets with the power of white flowers as you move deeper into the forest.